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Mahathir DNA dilemma Unforgiven forgiveness facing an existential crisis.

A former editor of the pro-government daily, the New Straits Times, said not all young Malays were against Umno or the Barisan Nasional (BN) government, but against its top leadership."They even raised the issue of wives and spouses of these top leaders," Kadir wrote. 
This was apparently what former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had said, wrote veteran newsman Datuk A. Kadir Jasin (pic) in his latest blog post.
"He said not all young Malays are against Umno and not all non-Malays are against the BN. They are against the top leadership of Umno, the BN and the government.
 UMNO leaders members will never criticise due Mahathir mind set but the PT do so. But most end up held up on sedition acts. Mahathir is seeing the seeds he has sown growing and he is terrified to see it.  are right and you are the only have guts to call the polis department to charge you under sedition. Huray, solute Ex-PM - No can touch  During Mahathir's time, the top two leadership/posts of Umno Baru was never or cannot be contested. In other words those filling these two posts cannot be questioned the reason being continuity and stability of leadership and party. That has become their culture/convention to follow their leaders blindly. Any dissenter within Umno Baru was dealt with swiftly and harshly. Now Mahathir is saying that Umno Baru members must not shirk their duty to question their leaders if they don't agree with them? MCA, MIC and Gerakan took a leaf from Umno Baru but fortunately the voters show their leaders the exit door. Now speaking without fear and favor can land you facing the Sedition Act 1948. Only a select few can speak without fear of the Sedition Act 1948. Now Mahathir please advise what to do.

Umno needs to be reformed so that it can criticise its leaders more courageously, said former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad today 

Umno is a club to enrich those in power! Nothing more than that. Dr M, you know very well that every day is a bonus to the sitting PM and the Umno warlords. What is your problem? You had your fun but you now see you have chosen two failures in a row as your successors as you claimed, one worse than the other.Do you think Muhyiddin Yassin is any better? We bet he would be worse and the next few Umno vice-presidents, they're even worse. No future for Umno, hence Umno continues to play racial card and fear to divert attention while the country is being ripped off!Najib is the remote control PM that Pak Lah turned out not to be. That's why Pak Lah had to go.
The point about anecdotes is outdated government procedures and government hierarchies. 
The wages of cruelty would then be settled with a matching force. Non-forgiveness means living through the life cycle of struggle of evolution and devolution. a hilarious story.  It’s an old man story,  disguising it a bit, so that you can readily identify the individual concerne
When men question unexplained incidents, they forget that Nature settles all actions  When men question unexplained incidents, they forget that Nature settles all actions,whole problem boils down to just one point - the thirst for power. Staying on without stirring up the hornet’s nest works to Najib’s benefit.BN as a coalition performed dismally. However, Umno’s seats increased from 79 to 88. Najib should not shoulder the full blame of the coalition when the party he led improved their performance. In efforts for democratic discourse, we must also scrutinise what good has been done, and how his political opponents can, in turn ,sway the support he attained in the last general election.
 It is difficult to say whose administration is worse, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s (Pak Lah) or Najib Abdul Razak's. Both administrations allegedly indulged in widespread cronyism and corruption, and both leaders’ actions in office were dictated by close family members.

Not to mention that both never really grasped the state of the nation – economically, politically, socially and pretty much in all other aspects. Both are certainly not charismatic leaders like Dr Mahathir Mohamad nor have similar IQ level to his.

But the question of Umno not replacing the highly ineffective Najib similar to what was done to Pak Lah, is a simple one.

Replace Najib with whom? Lets face it. All potential Umno leaders to replace Najib share the same ingrained Umno characteristics that Pak Lah and Najib have, which all of them have time and again exhibited.

 Najib Kadir wrote. Malays are against you and your wife not Umno and not all non-Malays 

Hardly a day goes by without those self-proclaimed champions of Malay race and defenders of Malay rights frothing at the mouth demanding that they (non-Malays) do this or that so we Malays could be the unquestioned Tuans (masters) of Tanah Melayu.

Dr.Mahathir When these Hang Tuah wannabes are not consumed with their theatrics of brandishing their ketchup-soaked kerises, they are obsessed with denigrating our culture and national character. To them we are lazy, dishonest, and know no shame.

Strip the rhetoric and those expressions of frus (“Manglish” for frustration) and fury are understandable if not predictable. We are frustrated because with the billions spent on us and the ever-generous special privileges heaped upon us, we still lag behind the others. We are furious because despite not being mollycoddled by the government, they thrive.

We are so angry that we cannot even pause to ponder perhaps they prosper precisely because the government leaves them alone and does not direct their lives, or that the massive “help” we get is anything but that. There is an art in helping. Done right and you open the door to the world for those you help; done wrong and you have a dependent invalid.

The story of tin, in Perak. Former PM Mahathir Mohamad attempted to corner the tin market on the 

Dr.MahathirLondon exchange in 1981, and because of one man’s folly, Perak, one of the richest states in Malaysia, became one of its poorest.Billions of ringgits were lost because of Mahathir’s greed, and commerce in Ipoh practically ended. Its people left, some to wash dishes in restaurants around the world. The youth were soon forced to join the exodus.

Umno needs to be reformed so that it can criticise its leaders more courageously, said former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad today.
At present, the former Umno president claimed that the party's culture is to support its leaders without question.
"Yes, because the leader must be told about other views. A leader cannot just do whatever he likes," he told reporters in Putrajaya.
Mahathir said this when asked to comment on former New Straiuts Times (NST) group editor-in-chief A Kadir Jasin's statement that Umno is too weak to oust its current president Najib Abdul Razak.
Mahathir also confirmed earlier reports that he had written a letter to Najib criticising him and saying that he is withdrawing support for Najib. However he was later asked by an intermediary to retract it.
“I just said I would withdraw. I didn’t receive any reason (for the request), since he asked me to withdraw.
“Later on, I decided that the letter has got no effect on him, so that is when I put it on my blog. I said that leaders must accept criticism,” he said.
According to an Asia Sentinel report, the intermediary was Umno secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor and purportedly contained seven demands.
However, Tengku Adnan had denied the report, saying “There is no such thing”.
IPP purchases 'public money'
When asked what he thinks about Najib’s move to ignore his advice and whether it would be detrimental to the country, Mahathir replied, “I think a leader must listen to everybody, not just somebody around me.”
To a question about Kadir’s blog post that Mahathir is "curious" about 1Malaysia Development Berhad’s (1MDB) acquisition of independent power producers (IPPs), Mahathir said he raised the question because the public has the right to know.
“This is public money. Although it is borrowed money, it belongs to the government, and government spending must follow certain procedures.
"You cannot just spend money as you like,” he said, before elaborating on the parliamentary procedures involved.
He clarified that he was not speculating on any ulterior motive behind the deals.
In his blog, Kadir claimed that Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) could acquire the IPPs for a token sum of money if its power purchasing agreement in not renewed.
The agreements last 21 years for gas-fired plants and 25 years for coal-fired plants, he said, and some of these that have been purchased have less than seven years left on the agreement and have long recovered their costs and substantial profits.
“Dr Mahathir was curious why 1MDB bought the ageing IPPs when the government could wait a few more years and get them for 'free'. Something is amiss,” he had written.

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Back stabbing friends is worst then 'beheading' PAS councillor

As Parliament prepares for its next sitting early next month, DAP has reiterated its stance against some PAS leaders who are bend on tabling a Private Member's Bill in the house to implement hudud in Kelantan.
PAS decimation and collapse Hadi Awang will be remembered as the president who destroyed his own 
This is a great outcome of "kajang Move", the move finally will force Pas's conservative faction out from PR.After Hadi’s shocking debacle in the current Selangor MB crisis, and with him continuing to dominate PAS, the party will be severely thrashed in future elections, with no hope of recovery. PAS will only have a future if it is led by moderate leaders acceptable to our multi-racial society and if it continues to be an equal partner in Pakatan Rakyat. In fact, Pakatan is firmly on course to Putrajaya, if not for the ludicrous tantrum thrown up by Hadi. Those who are disillusioned with Hadi’s leadership have two options: either start a new party or replace Hadi as party leader. Whichever option to take, members have a golden opportunity in the imminent party annual meeting to ask him to account for his recent conduct, and render him vulnerable to censure or even a vote of no confidence of his leadership

The Erdogan group   must be rubbing their hands with glee on this one. They set a trap, and walked right  PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang  into it.has seized the occasion to declare, in ringing tones, that it had political ambitions all along!y heading for a split many party conventions ago. So it was a matter of time before the marriage that was on the rocks finally ends.r politics is a sad let-down for many who wished it well. It reveals a disturbing lack of ideas at the movement’s core.

 Wan Azizah Wan Ismail serves up an ace against haters a new politics beyond dysfunctional Majlis Syura Ulama consensus somewhat pointlessly clarified that PAS not caught in a “time warp”). PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang   outdoing Umno in the dirty tricks department and proving that claiming religious credentials and behaving with honour and integrity are miles apart  that her party move away from dysfunctional Majlis Syura Ulama consensus’s ideals  back-stabbing betrayer-president PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang 's clear intention to form a Selangor unity-government with UMNO ? Your beloved back-stabbing presidentt Abdul Hadi Awang has sold his mind, soul and perhaps, his turban too, to those corrupted devils.Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail serves up an ace against haters a new politics beyond dysfunctional Majlis Syura Ulama consensus which are past their sell-by date — and ideas more relevant to a 21st century India can come into play.

This stratagem of Machiavellian politics can have many variants and be described in many other ways: the principle of supra-government, the halo of sacrifice, the backseat driver, or the remote control principle. However, in simple terms they all amount to having the cake and eating it too.

Hadi thought of a reaction whereby if we were to be betrayed and they ‘steal’ our people, we ‘steal back’ their people. "It was (done) in that context - it was not planned or premeditated.' What warped explanation - devoid of accountable principles based on decency, decorum and integrity? And these are religious people, pushing a religious agenda and this is all religious or a cloak and dagger clandestine covet operation? This is like toddlers fighting over prize toys and not statesmen positioning to provide alternative national leadership! Like Perak, before the voters have been betrayed in Selangor, no doubt about this - by political shenanigans and they will be punished at GE14 make no mistake about that!

 They have already started meeting and are about to launch a road show in the pursuit of progress and modernisation  to abandon the shackles of race, religion and feudalism and, for that to happen, race-based, religion-based and feudalism-based politics has to end. Hence political parties such as Umno, MCA, MIC, PAS, etc., need to be exterminated and replaced with non-race-based and non-religion-based parties.. there are many ways to deal with life's disappointment the religious way but backstabbing your partners repeatedly isn't one of them. Many people are also disappointed with you. What to do? - See more at:Unprecedented constitutional monarchy to re-enter active politics? Command and control:The future: Does no one care?

This Taliban-wannabe's turban is wound too tightly around his skull and hence his pea-sized brain is deprived of blood supply. That is why he is spewing shit. It never ceases to amaze me how these 'pious' but venomous Malaysian Taliban-wannabes need to wear such thick turbans round their head in a hot and humid tropical country. Notice that the Arabs wear loose-fitting headgear since they mostly live in the desert? All you Taliban-wannabes, when you live in Malaysia The turbaned mullahs obviously love the word 'beheading'. It is fashionable now and clearly linked to their belief which apparently is not unconnected to blood and gore The silent majority of PAS members who represent the progressives should leave and formed a breakaway party called PASMA. This will then spell the end of the minority Taliban-minded mullahs who have proved to have a backward, stone aged mentality, but have also given Pakatan a bad image in the recent MB crisis. Their refusal to endorsed Wan Azizah clearly showed that they are a gender biased party who discriminised not only women but also LGBT.

PAS decimation and collapse Hadi Awang and  Nasrudin Hassan  will be remembered as the president who destroyed his own party.PAS has now become more BN friendly but MCA will become uneasy. Good for DAP. Now let's see what MCA have to say about hudud.Experts suspect this could be  bid to improve  Self appointed Ayatollah PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang  fortunes in the face of  the Erdogan group 's rising  here is going to be an exodus from PAS and the Erdogan group a.k.a. the liberals a.k.a. going to form a new party called PASMA, if you wish READ MORE

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Datuk Seri Nik Abdul Aziz Seditious remark "slice the tongues" and "blind the eyes of Umno"

Did not disclose  to others as it would be unIslamic to do so.." - thank you Nik Aziz for teaching us non-Muslims that it is the way of your religion to lie and be deceitful! without a memory Who were these people who “authored” this “history”? What was the basis of their interpretations? What were their intentions? What was their training? What were the factors that might have coloured their understanding and narrative? Hadi Awang  a “swindler” and Nik Abdul Aziz a “fraud”. Amongst the many startling things

Does history really matter? It apparently has little relevance in our daily life.But matter it does. A lot actually.  It matters because of the glimpses it offers of a heritage and a culture. It matters because it helps us understand the evolution of societies, of communities and nations. It matters because it helps us realise the mistakes – and learn from them. It matters because it helps us prepare for the future.AS members who are "eager" to work with Umno will have their political careers in the Islamic party cut short, and history attests to this, PAS central committee member Mujahid Yusof Rawa said yesterday.

PAS President Hadi Awang version of ‘perfect Islam’Cheating and deception

PAS Hadi you can bury the past, but you cannot bury wounds. Wounds need to be healed. Unfortunately, youhave not done so.‘Please don't try to pin blame on PKR for ‘stealing your people How ignorant and foolish to claim PKR has stolen two PAS Aduns when PAS themselves chose to betrayed PKR and DAP.  Selangors are tired of self-serving politicians who use Islam as a cover for their unholy modus operandi. If PAS had agreed to have Wan Azizah and PKR deputy president Azmin Ali as candidates, then how can producing a statutory declaration saying that they support Wan Azizah be seen as a 'betrayal'?The only party doing the betraying is PAS, as it lied about its support for Wan Azizah. If Muslim ulama like Hadi and his ilk in the syura council cannot speak the truth, then it shows that  Islam has yet again been betrayed by the very people who should be upholding its sanctity. two gentlemen were able to see the baloney of their own party clearly than most of you. If PAS had not tried to dilly dally, the "stealing" of the two PAS Aduns would not have arisen.If Khalid Samad is correct on Hadi’s attempt to entice Azmin over to PAS, presumably to become MB (which can only be feasible with Umno’s support), then Hadi is not fit to be the president of PAS, in fact, of any party.readmorehttp://themalaybusinesstribune.blogspot.com/2014/09/traitorouspas-president-hadi-awang.html 

UMNO's battle plan has gone into action, it will split PAS and kill Pas before the next General Elections and PAS will have Hadi to thank for that, unless the PAS membership call for an EGN and sack Hadi, he has become  UMNO stooge, nothing less. The 'Kajang Move' though deemed as a bad move by some has some 'hikmah' in it. It has brought out the devious personalities of some of the holier than thou MPs and also brought out the can of worms that need to be cleaned out before we face the next GE. We citizens are watching how this fiasco is being played out and what game each and every MP is playing. You are not dealing with some backwater fisherman or felda worker. This is Selangor where majority are educated and exposed to international/foreign elements. Dont take us for fools. We know what to do next 'summer'. It's truly a blessing in disguise for PR supporters to realize the true color of Hadi Awang  now than later. Keep battling PKR, DAP and the Muslim moderates, progressives, our young generation deserves much brighter future.If Pas is willing to part with Hadi Awang then the people would return to it. Otherwise it is difficult given what Hadi and gang have done during the Selangor crisis readmore http://themalaybusinesstribune.blogspot.com/2014/08/najibs-dream-anti-pas-political.html

Selangor PAS commissioner Iskandar Ab Samad insists that the four PAS members remained in the executive council, despite the sacking of their Pakatan Rakyat colleagues, for the sake of the ruling coalition. 
PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang faces objections from his own party men over his proposal that PKR deputy president Azmin Ali's name be submitted as a candidate for the Selangor Menteri Besar's post. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, August 26, 2014.

 unscrupulous pro-Hadi mongoloids and maggots. PAS chief snake Hadi and his retrogressive narrow-minded misogynist  These 'innocent' PAS virgins followers of Hadi and led by him to embrace the UMNO devils.Now we know why most of PAS members have stagnant and underdeveloped minds "In the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed is the king!...like holy cows, they loved to be driven. Pity they have a rotten head in Hadi who is driving them to the edge of the cliff...we may see mass sucide in the making PAS is already losing its credibility big time. It should at last guard whatever little it has left. Sabotaging DAP’s and PKR’s effort to make Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail the new Menteri Besar of Selangor and telling Malaysians that HRH the Sultan of Selangor is behind this sabotage is taking Machiavellian politics a bit too far.
PAS today confirmed that it did not mention PKR deputy president Azmin Ali’s name as a possible choice for MB during a meeting it had with the Sultan of Selangor on July 31 but PAS cannot be brought close to the heart for obvious reasons! The clandestine meeting at the palace is only surfacing now. What else has happened without the knowledge of the other two component parties, particularly DAP?

Mat Sabu: How can PAS back ex-PKR Khalid?

Restoring the dignity and effectiveness of  Government of Selangor   requires disciplining those whose behaviour brings it under disrepute.make no mistake, this is not just some personnel change – the drama in Selangor has national consequences and even touches on the kind of country we desire. looks at some of the issues raised by the saga in Selangor. The PAS leadership want their cake and eat it as well. Why are they the last to decide as two out of three in the coalition have already declared their partnership obligations and dare PAS say, their integrity and honesty
Hence, the central leadership of PAS, instead of taking punitive action against the two Aduns, should give recognition to the fact that the duo’s action has mitigated PAS’ own failure to fulfil its obligation as a Pakatan partner  at the hour when its cooperation is most desperately needed

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PKR’s Kajang Move has Given Hadi enough rope to hang himself

Noh threatens an ‘uprising’, not seditious?

‘He’s guilty of same offence as Adam who was sentenced to one-year jail.’

‘Clerics should leave politics to politicians’

In Argos, the Ben Affleck-produced Hollywood film on the escape of six Americans from the Canadian ambassador’s house at the height of the Iranian revolution, the marauding mob, which took over the US embassy, was not just satisfied with holding Americans hostage. Enraged at the unstinted American support, the mob leaders corralled a group of youngsters and ordered them to piece together the shredded bits of photos of the embassy staff taken to identify whether anyone had escaped. The photos were shredded by an unsuspecting staff member after the mob broke the gates and stormed the compound. But the labours of the army of kids did not go waste as the militants chased the embassy staff on the tarmac providing a gripping finale to an edge-ofthe-seat thriller.

 There are a lot of similarities here. PKR's "Kajang Move" has NOT failed,As alliance crumbles the alliance is not dying an untimely death  PAS and Hadi begin blame game As it became clear that the alliance was set to walk into the sunset,The only way forward is to expel PAS from Pakatan and to link up with PasMa comprising of party dissidents who want continued political collaboration with DAP and PKR.

 Azmin is smart enough, he will use his influence to win over his detractors and if it is successful, it can see him possibly become a top leader to lead PKR," he said, adding that Azmin will however not take on his mentor Anwar for fear of a political backlash
PKR deputy president Azmin Ali had been a loyal supporter of Anwar and the party since the beginning of PKR. Although some might disagree with his policies and management style, this is normal in any political party and is a good thing. Why should Hadi even imagine PAS will get the MB’s post, and be able to retain in once the assembly re-convene? 
 I think, PAS will lose a lot of support at the coming GE, so even if they can through some great fortune hold the MB’s post - it will be for one term and PAS will be banished to the wilderness of Kelantan come GE14.
But don't let differences be destructive to the core interests of the party. This is democracy. If they don’t like him then vote him out in the next AGM. It’s time to move on.Most people are not shocked at all by Hadi. Perhaps only the holier than thou members of PAS who think that they are better than the rest of the society.Wake up, you are as human as the person next to you so stop dictating to the rakyat how they should behave when you yourself cannot even behave properly.

A new generation of leaders is needed beyond Anwar or his family members although their contribution has been important. Nothing is forever and leaders should know when to pass on the baton. Leaders too long in power get ossified just like our Dr Mahathir Mohamad of BN. 
Shah Alam PAS MP Khalid Samad was almost right at the beginning of the MB saga when he cautioned many to be patient and give  Hadi enough rope to hang himself.
After the president’s winding-up speech at the muktamar using unbecoming words like “barua” and “broker” against his party assemblypersons and the coalition partners, it is  indeed Abdul Hadi Awang who got ‘hanged’. Religious preachers should not be involved in politics. This applies to all religions. Historically, the world had suffered and is still suffering when countries are governed by religious preachers or along rigid religious doctrines.
In a non-homogenous society like Malaysia, PAS cannot play any meaningful and progressive role if it insists on sticking to its rigid religious doctrines. The country will never develop economically vis a vis the world and religious harmony among the various communities will forever be suspect.
Openly condemning another human to hell is no different from the practices of the religious extremists and terrorists. 
Imagine a so-called eminent religious leader using such crude words. Hadi Awang is an intelligent man but why such bitterness, as said by one PAS member, for a post which does not even belongs to the party?It is simply unacceptable that PKR can be accused by the president of PAS of 'buying' PAS state assemblypersons to give Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail majority support in the House. DAP too has been accused of being complicit in PKR's 'treachery'.
This is a very serious indictment of PKR, by accusing it of being corrupt. PKR has to respond decisively otherwise it would be lending credence to Hadi's claims thus further damaging PKR.
I am convinced the ulama faction has decided to link up with Umno in order to cause the Selangor government to fall. It is vital that DAP and PKR isolate the ulama who have shown themselves to be utterly immoral and duplicitous.
The only way forward is to expel PAS from Pakatan and to link up with PasMa comprising of party dissidents who want continued political collaboration with DAP and PKR.
If the word “barua” can be used against his own party members who go against the wishes of his political faction, then the public can also use the word “barua” on Hadi, as he goes against the wishes of all Selangorians and the voters who voted for change.
That is the reason this “barua” lost Kedah and Terengganu to BN. Very soon this “barua's” party will be completely wiped out.
Why should he be so angry to use such a denigrating word on his own party members? If the MB's post goes back to Pakatan of which PAS is a part of it, as president of the component party he should be happy.
It is as if this “barua” wants to hand over control of Selangor to Umno against the wishes of the citizens.
Has he an agenda of his own, or for another, Umno perhaps, to bring down Pakatan Rakyat? Or his hatred for PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, unknown till now, had got him unbalanced?
 We know he is medically unwell and he is not likely to remain as president for long; so was this his last ‘bravo’, silly as it is, to severe his ties with the Pakatan partners?
Hadi is behaving like disgraced US president Richard Nixon. As head of PAS, he thinks he can do no wrong.He makes his own rules. He breaks ranks with his coalition partners. He overrules his central committee and acts unilaterally. He goes back on his words by submitting two PAS candidates for MB after assuring the public PAS was not after the MB’s post.He acts like a thug setting his attack dogs on everyone who is against him, including his own party moderates.He attacks his own Aduns (state representatives) who acted to protect the interests of Pakatan and Selangorians. He is willing to go to war with everyone to justify his wrongdoings.There can be no graceful retirement for Hadi. Like Nixon, he must resign. Or he must be kicked out.

A leading American academic, however, offers a glimmer of hope for western politicians wishing to find a way out of the maze. Many Iranians are increasingly questioning the role of clerics in politics and believe that the country would be better served if they stayed out of politics.
Many Iranians are also staunch nationalists who think first of their country and wish to see it play a bigger role in the region, unlike religious zealots or Islamists.
Jon B Alterman, senior vice-president, Middle East programme director and Zbigniew Brzezinski Chair in Global Security & Geostrategy at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies, also says that not all Iranians, even within the government and the political parties, can be tagged as Islamic fundamentalists. The common western perception about Iran is one of a group of religious zealots who wish to bring about armageddon.
That view may not be entirely correct, Mr Alterman says, adding that many Iranians are fervent nationalists who take pride in their history and believe that the country has been shortchanged by the Shah administration, which ruled the country before the Revolution in 1979.
“There are more Iranian nationalists than anybody gives them credit for being. A lot of them are about Iran and they are nationalists and they think of their imperial history, about their role in the region. I read Qasem Suleimani, despite the fact he heads the Quds force, which is named after Jerusalem, as a nationalist through and through.”
Mr Alterman says he believes that many of the problems in dealing with Iran stem from that country’s preoccupation with a sense of weakness. As a former empire, they believe they have not been allotted their rightful due. “They are terrified that a deal (nuclear agreement with the US) will reveal them to be even weaker than they are rather than the position they would like to be as a near peer of the US. As soon as you make a deal that would make them drop down. That becomes a self-defeating proposition and their isolation from the world makes them progressively weaker which makes them progressively more anxious about the possibility of an agreement which then becomes a cycle.”
Mr Alterman also believes that many Iranians are now starting to question the hold of clergy in politics. They believe that Iran will be best served by having a clergy that plays no role in politics.
“It argues that clerics should stick to God and politicians to politics,” he added. “There is strong a view in the clerical establishment in Qom (major religious city in Iran) that clerics have to get out of politics.” It has not enhanced status of the country, it has not increased religious population, more youngster turning away from religion. “Is Iran best served by having clerics playing the role they play? They tend to be of a certain generation and it is not beyond the realm of possibility that the system in Iran undergoes a certain transformation in the coming years.”

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Pas Fishing in Troubled Palace waters Peolpe wields power to rule not PAS aided Palace?

Selangor BN liaison committee chairperson Noh Omar joined several hundreds at a gathering to support the sultan over the menteri besar crisis.

A few hundred people demonstrated in Shah Alam today to show support for the Selangor Sultan ahead of Tuesday's expected swearing-in of the state's new menteri besar,  Malaysiakini reported.

PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang faces objections from his own party men over his proposal that PKR deputy president Azmin Ali's name be submitted as a candidate for the Selangor Menteri Besar's post. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, August 26, 2014.
   The Hadi gang can join UMNO ... now  Overriding the constitution is the order of the day in the planet of the apes full of  Real traitors  It is so easy to see the problem PAS faces and the confusion they created among themselves!..."To many cooks, spoil the soup". Why don't they for politicall decisions leave it to their Central Working Committee (CWC). If PAS did not reform their unstable management and did not learn from this debacle, they do not deserve to march with PR.
Earlier in August, Hadi insisted on waiting for all the Central Committee (CC) members to be free to attend a meeting to decide on Khalid Ibrahim. This was eventhough the delay grealy damaged PR. Hadi's respect for the CC was at a high level then. After the CC made a decision that was reportedly against Hadi's personal preference, the CC suddenly became unimportant to Hadi anymore. The decision made by the CC to nominate only Wan Azizah and Azmin for MB, was ignored. Hadi had a chance to repudiate that decision earlier but didn't, lettng the CC believe he would comply. There was no urgency for Hadi to make a decision about his letter to HRH without reverting to the CC. So his unilateral action seems premeditated, making his action indefensible. The Syura Council itself overplayed their hand in their support for Hadi's action and exposed their complicity in this turn of events, making one wonder if Khalid Ibrahim was actually the catspaw for a faction in PAS working for UMNO's benefit.

It said the group, which calls itself Gerak Daulat, gathered at Section 16 in Shah Alam wearing yellow clothing, the colour of the monarchy.

The rally was aimed at showing unity and loyalty to Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, who has been playing a prominent role in the Selangor menteri besar crisis, the news portal reported.

PAS information chief Mahfuz Omar has admitted that he is facing the daunting task of repairing the image of PAS which has been dented in recent months.

The past week had seen the Selangor palace making a surprise announcement that the swearing-in ceremony of the new menteri besar would be held this Tuesday, without revealing who had been chosen for the post.

This follows the palace's request to Pakatan Rakyat parties to submit more than two names as candidates for the top post – an issue which has PAS breaking ranks with PKR and DAP by nominating three names instead of submitting the name of PKR president Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

This is despite Dr Wan Azizah having received the majority of support in the legislative assembly from 30 assembly members.

The sultan reprimanded PKR and DAP for submitting only Dr Wan Azizah's name, and both parties have since apologised.

The sultan issued a second reprimand, this time to opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for saying that Barisan Nasional governments had always submitted only one name for the menteri besar's post since independence.

The Selangor Royal Council, an advisory body to the sultan, is said to be meeting today to decide on the new menteri besar.

Who needs a state government in Selangor who wields the ultimate power to rule: the people or the monarch?

Samson, the mythical Israeli, who was born with the strength to rip apart a lion with his bare hands, loses it all, when Delilah, an unreliable female “partner”, in whom he confides that the source of his strength lay in his long hair, cuts them off, in exchange for “blood money” from his enemies, whilst he is asleep.Possibly learning from Samson, 

The PAS' legal and human rights bureau (Luham) said that its president and syura council had breached the party constitution in their conduct in the Selangor menteri besar saga. Hadi Awang is facing revolt in Pas. Unfortunately the sick Nik Azia has somehow been duped. Whatever it is the rule prevails. More and more will speak up. Adli Zahari and LUHAM have started the move. This Ilmuan group only comes up in times like this and we know it is Hadi and gang who wake them up from their sleep PAS is not in the wrong side but the recalcitrant members in the syura council,ulama and the CC. NOW lets think in depth....the spoken words of a president is very powerful and policies make wrongly and judgement make wrongly can affect the life and death of PAS here. the question is why is President Hadi said and done contrary to PR council decision on the agreed choice of wan azizah. the question is why hadi got to stand so firm to side khalid that He knows what are the outcomes of his sole discretion make to himself .PAS and PR.why is hadi flying the PAS plane to hijack PR to points of no return? the turning point of all these was after hadi fell sick in turkey and after PM najib visitied hadi in istanbul hospital.from there matters began to take 360 degree turn plus so many U TURNS make by HADI.READMORE Abdul Hadi Awang Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat. good “deal” makers with fatal UMNO

Do not let the sultan set a precedent in our constitutional monarchy. Perak took the first step and now Selangor? Next will be Putrajaya.

A PM from minority BN in Parliament will be named one day. After all, we are already one step there with a ‘48 percent’ PM.
The purpose of elections is for the people to vote for a government of their choice with their own choice of MB. It is not healthy for any party to manipulate and decide and choose the MB for Selangor.

In an absolute monarchy like Brunei, the people do not have a choice. But in a constitutional monarchy like Malaysia, the sultan has to follow the constitution and endorse the choice of the people.

 it's wishful thinking. But let me say this: the future begins with a thought. Then an action plan. Next, execution. And finally, reality. 
PKR president Wan Azizah Wan Ismail will be the first woman PM in the history of our nation after party de factoleader Anwar Ibrahim sent to prison.So, as the adage goes - he who laughs last, laughs the loudest. And PAS? Just let them remain in the rural heartland where they truly belong.

 The state constitution and parliamentary democracy must be observed by all.
 If Azmin is loyal to his party, he should declare now that he will not accept the MB's post if offered.

That is what his colleague Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad had done. He instantly and respectfully declined a reported suggestion from PAS that he be named as an alternative nominee to Wan Azizah in order to appease the sultan.

Apart from the issue of loyalty, a vital principle of democracy is at stake here. Is it appropriate for the sultan to veto the ruling coalition's choice of its leader to lead the state government?

If yes, does it not mean that the sultan has the power to over-rule perhaps the most important political decision made by the ruling coalition? And does that not mean that the sultan is exercising direct executive power, over-lording political parties?

Isn't such political involvement by the monarch considered a cardinal breach of the principles of constitutional monarchy in a parliamentary democracy?

In short, who wields the ultimate power to rule: the people or the monarch?