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MCA Wanita old prostitute with alot cosmatic look sexy to pimp for position

UMNO warlords speaks volume. Bloated PM department overtaking responsibilities of many other ministriial functions shows a messy administration at best if not lack of confidence in his own cabinet. Self praising of international recognition for Najib 's reform agenda to puff up his public image is not gaining currency as we see the country is sinking into a racial, security , societal decays spiral and pending financial crisis due to mismanagement or hidden agenda of having 1 MDB ,for example. The lists of " can be better" can go on and on.... Hence Najib fails Malaysia.
 Eventual strategy,  Umno to stay in power and kick Najib out
Very optimistic, Umno backbencher Nur Jazlan Mohamed, with a change of PM That hurts. Nur Jazlan is no heavyweight but that shot on the solar plexus of Najib packed a wallop. Truth be told, his was not an unfair assessment of our current PM.Do you mean our PM is not honest?Umno parliamentarian Nur Jazlan Mohamed,is disappointed  can see the weakness in Najib the rest of the BN members are mere zombies, What Najib says, they would respond, “correct,correct,correct”. Altantuya Shaariibuu’s death, Teoh Beng Hock’s death, Ahmad Sarbaini’s death. Lahad Datu intrusion, MH370, MH17 ,worst floods, 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) fiascoare his great achievement for Malaysians. 
Dr. Mahathir group loosely consists of Daim, Ibrahim Ali, A. Kadir Jasin, bloggers ,Tengku Adnan Umno backbencher Nur Jazlan Mohamed that is vocal against Najib is blaming the Umno president for everything bad in Umno, in the Malay community and in the country threaten to impeach Prime Minister Najib. “Impeachment is a message that has to be sent to the Supreme Council that we’re not going to put up with this lawlessness ,Tengku Adnan admits that there’s no serious impeachment effort underway.Muhyiddin Yasin is also blaming Najib for not doing enough and not doing the right thing. He proposed to make the efforts to help improve the Malay and Bumiputra community as a national agenda and not only as Umno’s. This will institutionalize the agenda.


President Richard Nixon resigning from the U.S. presidency in the wake of the Watergate scandal and subsequent cover-up. like The murder of Altantuya Sharibuu a secret hard to hide, but hard to steal too 

What we knew so far was that Altantuya was the translator for the Malaysian Government in Malaysia’s negotiations with DCNS for the purchase of submarines when Najib Abdul Razak was Defence Minister. Her insistence to claim a USD500K commission ultimately led to her demise, where she was shot twice, her body packed with C4 explosives and blown to smithereens.
Will the main characters in the murder conspiracy like Najib and Rosmah, Razak Baginda, DSP Musa Safri and their ilk be exposed and implicated?

The murder of Altantuya Sharibuu a secret hard to hide, but hard to steal too 
Convicted killer Sirul Azhar Umar, a former police VIP bodyguard sentenced to death for the murder of Altantuya Sharibuu was captured in Brisbane, Australia after an alert from Interpol, a few days ago and placed in detention.The expose’ may bring final closure to the sad episode not only for Altantuya’s father and the people of Mongolia,No other country on this planet has the kind of anarchic,Najib must be kicked out of old beleaguered party UMNO for dramatic change.Nur Jazlan opines that what Ismail Sabri had said was not based on facts."Although now he says that he did not say it (boycott Chinese traders). But the problem is that the top leadership should have a stand".He added that it was important to be more progressive and that people should place themselves on a global supply chain.
MCA to Ku Nan: Apologise or we will  leave B.N forsaying MCA women  as cosmetic beauty like old prostitute with alot cosmatic
Heng wins women’s chief post, team makes clean sweep
MCA Wanita chief Yu Chok Tow bares fangs at the FT minister’s cheapening of women as valued only for their cosmetic beauty like old prostitute with alot cosmatic Najib will not dare touch him. His balls are tiny,  low-class, ill-bred people, apologising is an unknown act, and making of infantile, crude comments such as statements that degrade members of the fair sex is natural to them. What this bastard tengku is saying that he prefers his wife to put up make up the whole day so that she look sexy  said Yu Chok Tow Not all women are like Rosmah’s high maintenance. Goes to show how superficial our FT Minister’s think is ….
Most Malaysian Chinese will only make noise for all the things that they do not have while never even for once mention all the things that they have already had ?
Some may give example of how a Black American like Barrack Obama can be the President of the United States without knowing the facts that it take US 446 years of democratic electoral system to have Black American President compare to our Malaysian democratic electoral system that not yet even reach 60 years . Even that do u know how tight is the US President security system to prevent the Skin Head plan to assassinate and kill Obama because of his skin colour ?
We will complaint about Ali Baba policy and yet accused it benefit entirely only the Malays community but do you know how many Chinese Malaysian became a Millionaire out of this Ali Baba system ?
We talk about corruption but do you all know behind every single so ‘called’ racist UMNO politician there do have their own Chinese businessman as their proxy and crony?
Corruption is wrong. But the issue here that I am trying to convey is about racism. If it is really about race then why should the so called Racist UMNO Malays even have their crony from the Chinese race instead of their own races entirely ?
If the Malays in Malaysia is really racist then are we the Malaysian Chinese not racist as well ? Whenever we uses the word Chinese , Chinese , Chinese ? We must have a Chinese Prime Minister and etc ? If we are truly colour blind then the demand should be what type and quality of PM we should have and not what race should or should not be the head.
When our civil servant got more than 80% of the Malays , we claimed that the Government is racist but then in reality it was the Chinese who choose to work in the private sector than the public sector. Why should we blame others for something that we ourselves do not want to be part of it ?
Most Malays are easily contented with the pay in the public sector while most Malaysian Chinese will never wanted to have that type of pay. So when you all do not want it and others want it and when it happen you all blame the government of being racist when most of the Malays are in the Army and Police sector ?
Umno secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor said


 Dr Lim Mah Hui
Senior Fellow of Socio-economic and Environment Research Instute Lim Mah Hui  is at brink of bring labelled as being defined as a racist, bigot or liar. He should explain on his statement debunking Minister in-charge of Economic Planning in Prime Minister’s Department Dato’ Seri Abdul Wahid Omar’s stance for lack of opportunity is the culprit for lesser Malays in corporate sector instead of “Poor quality of workforce”.

There are evidently clear discriminatory practices against Malay graduates, job market candidates with experience, professionals or even top management aspirants.The Mole Chief Editor  Shamsul Akmar Musa Kamal’s analysis on the New Sunday Times:
"We should move away from this racially-tinged and populist kind of rhetoric," he said.
It is no secret that other BN component parties were unhappy over Ismail Sabri's remarks, MCA and Gerakan in particular.
MCA Youth chief Chong Sin Woon had even asked for the minister's resignation, a call backed by 165 youth divisions.
Party president Liow Tiong Lai had urged Ismail Sabri to be "responsible for his statement".
Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein however today dodged questions if BN component parties had accepted the cabinet's position on the matter.
"We discussed it in cabinet; MCA, MIC, Gerakan are also members of the cabinet," Hishammuddin told a press conference in Kuala Lumpur todayBy claiming at the commencement of his unseat Najib campaign, after the fashion of Brutus, that it is not because he loves his leaders less but that he loves the people and country more, Mahathir is parodying what Anuar Musa, then a young delegate from Kelantan to the UMNO general assembly in 1983, who quoted from the Shakespearean play Juluis Caesar the words Brutus used before stabbing Caesar. The Roman emperor was surprised that a friend like Brutus could be part of squad of assassins with regicide in mind.
Even so, in what appeared initially to be an ostensibly honest exercise to unravel the real reasons behind   the demolition of a sitting Weak PM Najib Sadly the culture of  UMNO insists only on permanent genuflection to them; the truth is always optional.Anuar cited the quotation in the course of rhetorical flights faintly critical of Mahathir’s leadership of UMNO. Mahathir’s response was characteristically brusque.“Brutus stabbed Caesar”
 he reminded the UMNO delegates. In other words, back-stabbers are back-stabbers, their lofty motives not withstanding..As the dust settles, after what was a spectacularly riveting contest between a floundering and ineffectual  and a masterfully managed  war-machine, analysts from both camps have submitted their diagnosis.A fortuitous benefit of this incipient extravaganza – to the federal opposition, Pakatan Rakyat – has been the confirmation that their self-destructive shenanigans in Selangor have furnished the opportunity to the premier demolisher of incumbent PMs to fix on this as the most opportune time for the unleashing of his decanal decapitation of national head honchos, not to mention a few deputies as well.
The wonder is that anyone at all, at this advanced juncture of their career trajectories, could be surprised at how the two protagonists, one of the drama about to start and the other of an already running one in Selangor, confirm a truism of classical Greece – that character is fate.The answers might not be as obvious as one might have imagined. Mahathir had pointed out that Najib did not speak against corruption in his address to the nation he had said that if somebody has to do any work one would what's in it for me If the work is not done, one would say why do I care this has spoiled the nation," said Mahathir While undoubtedly UMNO owes their grand success to Mahathir charisma strategic prowess, however the reasons for UMNO debacle appear less than straightforward. Was it simply a case of a reluctant leader being handed a poorly managed campaign?readmore

The real cost of a bribe Guan Eng paid

The trick is to perfume rubbish with a bottle of incense hidden beneath the pile. Brown’s bottle is artfully shaped, with secret sub-containers for clues and questions that persuade you to suspend rational judgement. But, contrarily, this would not work without a writing technique that is so stupid it can only be described as courageous. The latest Dan Brown, Inferno, exhausts the reader with some serious heavy breathing in punctuation. There are more dots separating words with simulated tension than in an optical illusion graphic. Words appear in bursts within sentences; sentences stutter through paragraphs as short as summer underwear. Chapters are as flimsy as a negligee. We are playing peekaboo with destiny, so why not?The fulcrum of this anger is corruption. All else pales. Shed a tear then forwho was charged merely for buying house save the nation. All that owning  house, albeit to lim buying a house is no longer a hanging offence in DAP. For many future stars rotating in the highest orbits,DAP must be bewildered at  definition of crime and punishment. 
The DAP’s 50th anniversary dinner saw party leaders pledging their support and solidarity with secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, in the face of his two graft charges.It was an early scandal of the DAP’s tenure, but people did not forget, just as voters will remember a long DAP litany sanctioned loot of resources on an unprecedented scale: in spectrum,  agricultural land gobbled up through shady private deals.  The Penang voter has more patience than the Selangor temperament would suggest. Even a fog at the top will not deter the voter from locating his destination. The UMNO did not have a candidate for Chief Minister in Penang during the campaign. It did not matter beyond a point. It will not matter beyond the same point when Penang votes. The DAP vote in Penang did not rise by much; the PAS vote collapsed.

Guan Eng, if you are still sore or sulking at the moment,
better resign as CM as u are big headed and it is not helping The top politicians and leaders are putting aside their past and bitter experiences to collectively fight the common enemy. Why can't you LGE?? 

Despite the reputation crisis facing the DAP, approximately 3,000 supporters turned up for the dinner at the Spice Arena in Bayan Baru last night.
The chief minister’s ongoing corruption case.Lim was trapped in a suicidal pincer of corruption and arrogance. The syndrome is so widespread, across party lines, that we might need a word for it: “corrugance” would do. More names keep getting added to a long list: Corruption kills; arrogance insures a long burial. This was fatal to Dap in  Penang; it will be deadly for DAP across Malaysia when a general election comes. The voter is especially unforgiving when governments permit theft of natural resources, the people’s wealth, by cronies. The Dap collapse began with the rape ofcorruption and arrogance. in Tanjong. 

A good leader needs to be humble so that he can listen, think clearly and make the right decision. A big head does not help as it will expose the leader to unnecessary risks.

Ambiga, good retort and good questions for that arrogant, LGE! 8 years after coming to power in Penang, he still has the decency to say in public he will consider it. Might as well be man enough that DAP is doing what BN has done all this well - use those posts as dedak for their supporters!!

Noh Omar: Mahathir-Anwar meet a hilarious Bollywood drama  

Minister Tengku Adnan, Life in K.L means being once bitten twice shy

As articulated  by  Tengku Adnan   further questioning the prime minister Najib if these were the acche din he promised, he drew attention to the corruption stalking kuala Lumpur.  whether you are minister or a Mayor, whether it’s a pothole that needs fixing in front of your house or a business you want to start, sometimes it seems nothing can get in kuala Lumpur done without paying bribes. This corruption in the DBKL is a huge impediment, to better management of DBKL . The only way forward is to rebuild the city corporations as professional administrative units, seriously accountable to the public.It has since turned out  that sec-gen Tengku Adnan  had been issued notices by MACC for misuse of power
As the national capital reels from Chronic Corruption epidemics, the focus has been on whom to blame 
 Focus on preventive public health measures, such as providing clean drinking water and sanitary disposal of sewage and solid waste.Civic consciousness on this and not allowing mosquitoes to breed Kuala Lumpur is a must. has to raise the number of healthcare professionals, adopt decentralised governance in which all the Kuala Lumpur   Members of Parliament (MPs)can hold primary health centres to account and deploy the latest in telemedicine. Healthcare outfits that take charge of the well-being of an assigned set of people and use a network of general practitioners and secondary and tertiary hospitals in return for  electing  them 
 Why they stayed away from the political limelight, afraid of  Minister Tengku Adnan in his shadows and very much , if necessary, even deny their existence. FT Members of Parliament has no balls theirr political careers have been built around this attribute of a low-profile, inaccessible, to voters has  also ensured that they  doesn’t convey any signal Tengku Adnan is the only one in control., who found himself in the gaze of central investigative agencies. He was virtually sacked, sidelined, but dramatically returned on 

BN and Umno will hold a special meeting on Sept 23 and 30 respectively to discuss the Election Commission's (EC) proposed redelineation exercise, said BN secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor.
Result: mutual distrust, animosity and break-up at various levels.Tengku Adnan, who is also Umno secretary-general, said the party should mobilise its election machinery and have its branches and divisions inspect the electoral roll.

This is to ensure better preparation for a possible early election, he said.his  mosquitoes are ready
That has changed. The tail is now becoming the head. The reason stares at our faces: the quantum leap in ‘political’ expenses, especially on election campaigns. Even more important is the complexity of managing these resources, staying above board and, yet, being able to run an electrifying campaign..

 Tengku Adnan   has also ensured that he doesn’t convey any signal that he is the only one in control., who found himself in the gaze of central investigative agencies. He was virtually sacked, sidelined, but dramatically returned on 

UMNO sec-gen Tengku Adnan Noh Omar has written off the cordial meeting between Dr Mahathir Mohamad and  Anwar Ibrahim as "Hindustani play acting".#thighsforjeaux the  step movement became so popular that it has been revived a couple of times ever since– once Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Anwar Ibrahim meet UMNO sec-gen unfazed with the pow-wow between former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad and  Anwar Ibrahim. to kiss and make up, the Malay party still has its secret weapon, which is the Bollywood play 
Something is happening. A message is getting through  A new narrative is being written. More seeds have been planted in UMNO like UMNO sec-gen Tengku Adnan by Mahathir
also read this  .UMNO sec-gen Tengku Adnan hilarious political Bollywood dancing steps will brighten your day

"...... has the rakyat." Ha ha ha really burst out laughing after reading the headline and nearly choke on my food. Not the 51% of the rakyat at least and increasing, you gang of thieves!Adnan - we are waiting for you to declare your assets and decide if your wealth is legitimate. When are you doing that? Scared to show because it is from slimy deals?

In our cities these days, reality bites. If the tax man doesn’t draw blood, the mosquito will. You may bring out the Odomos and other mosquito repellents but our cities are fully bugged. When you hear the familiar humming sound of circling mosquitoes, you know that one mosquito is telling the other, like to go out and grab a bite? You may then get the seven year itch and many deliriously feverish days because chikungunya will drive out any plans of chicken chow mein.
Every year, DBKL , the city of the bloodsuckers falls prey to one of its own, namely the humble mosquito. The insect doesn’t distinguish between the powerful and powerless or VIPs and commoners: everyone is Minister Tengku Adnan, victim  when it comes to the dengue and chikungunya carrying dreaded Aedes aegypti bug.

The party in power in  FT has been accused of abandoning the city is singing ‘yeh duniya, yeh mehfil, mere kaam ki nahin’ after an adverse court verdict.Minister Tengku Adnan,   has also been accused of being missing in action at a time when the city needs to wage a Jung against the epidemic. As for the MCD, most of its councillors are accused of confusing state power for real estate power: it’s easier to get an illegal building sanctioned than to ensure better sanitation in neighbourhoods. Corruption in cities bites citizens harder than the mosquito. TV news likes to take sound bites but for those suffering from mosquito bites, it’s a case of once bitten twice shy.

The MIC health minister seems to believe the Aedes mosquito is a mysterious invader from outer space. The mantri who seems never to have KL-ites who adore love-bites were struggling with a surfeit of hate-bites. The prime minister cannot get of Minister Tengku Adnan because he remote control , but still waters run deep in our metros where there’s little sign of smart city thinking or draining the swamps that pass for our roads.
The media believes only the capital is in ICU, but the epidemic has spread across the country. While BN parties fight over seats, the mosquito is clearly oblivious to inter seat disputes, preying on MCAand  MICTamilians with equal ease. As someone just recovering from chikungunya, it’s time to await the election because at least the biting during election the bit better than biting mosquitoes.

The public school of politics has only one subject in its tutorials: Events. The big boys of UMNO have been playing truant,years convinced them that a delay is a solution. lulled by  Federal Territory liaison chairman  an imposter’s mantra .Najib dilemma is familiar to those who win elections: A promise that restores you, can always return to haunt you.Ahead of the next 14th general elections, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is expected to introduce changes to prevent a further slide in BN's hold on power also readthis.readmoreNajib saddest moments in politics with Tengku Adnan as the sec-gen Tengku Adnan

also read this Datuk Khairuddin reveal that Tengku Adnan told him not to withdraw his police report

, the Malay party still has its secret weapon, which is the Bollywood play 
Something is happening. A message is getting through  A new narrative is being written. More seeds have been planted in UMNO like UMNO sec-gen Tengku Adnan by Mahathir UMNO sec-gen’s many-layered faces is ignored, the worse it gets which is the Bollywood play 
Something is happening. A message is getting through  A new narrative is being written. More seeds have been planted in UMNO like UMNO sec-gen Tengku Adnan by Mahathir .UMNO sec-gen Tengku Adnan

Image result for UMNO sec-gen 

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hilarious political Bollywood dancing steps will brighten your day

 is very rich in valuable natural resources. And one of the most valuable of these natural resources – particularly when it comes to election time  

 Malaysian Kabali Crown of Clown MinisterTengku Adnan, his "Hindustani play acting".continues

Arrest warrants against Malaysian nationals T Ananda Krishnan and Augustus Ralph Marshall,

Satire is the thin wedge that separates fear from panic. Indian businessmen are not yet panic-stricken, but they are edging towards the zone of fear. As haemorrhaging international confidence in India weakens fund inflows,which would have been manageable if the bleed was not moving from drip to gush. There is deep worry that vacuous governance and an unstable political environment will lead us to the door of the IMF in Washington, a large begging bowl in hand. Instead of answers, the UPA government is offering alibis, some of them so lame they seem struck with polio at birth. India has become the worst story in the BRIC club. A sudden flurry of stories appeared—The fulcrum of a tipping point in public life is that mortal enemy of a politician: humour. A joke might not destroy reputation quite as effectively as a corruption scandal, but it deflates credibility. Through his long career Defence Minister A.K. Antony has been wise enough never to get tempted by a wisecrack; wit is not his forte. He might therefore be a little bewildered by the artillery fire of jokes after his disastrous mismanagement of
has escaped justice through one legal feint after another, abetted by authorities. This happened again last week. Why pretend? Send a simple message to the victims of 1984: Abandon hope, all ye who enter the Indian judicial maze.Corruption is another synonym for injustice, for it is robbery of people’s resources. Corruption is not exchange of wealth between the rich; it is the people’s money accumulating in limited pockets. The teachers in Bihar were not paying for meals from their salaries; they were siphoning off money collected from taxes. Those mobile companies who bought spectrum at deflated prices were also stealing from the national purse.

Justice is neither expected nor offered in a dictatorship, which is why it becomes such an intense demand when a dictator falls. But justice is intrinsic to democracy. An ordinary crime is punished through law; political culpability

A New Delhi court has issued arrest warrants for Malaysian tycoon T Ananda Krishnan and his aide Augustus Ralph Marshall and is seeking Interpol assistance on the matter.

According to The Times of India, the court yesterday said the arrests warrants were necessary because Malaysia had not provided assistance over the past two years.

"They (Marshall and Krishnan) could not be served with the summons through the normal course by resorting to mutual legal assistance treaty between the two countries.

"Malaysian authorities have categorically declined to effect the service. In such a situation, the only way left is to approach the Interpol and for that issue of warrant is necessary...

"In such a situation when further issuance of summons would be a futile exercise, it is rightful for the prosecution to ask for warrant of arrest against the accused," the court was reported saying.

In 2014, India's Central Bureau of Investigation filed charges against the duo and South Indian politician and former Indian telecommunications minister Dayanidhi Maran over alleged corruption to help the Maxis group take control of an Indian mobile phone carrier in 2006.

The charges fall under section 120-B (criminal conspiracy) of the Indian Penal Code and under relevant provisions of the Indian Prevention of Corruption Act.

At the court yesterday, the judge also ordered the trial against the Maran brothers and the two accused companies - Sun Direct TV Pvt Ltd and South Asia Entertainment Holdings Ltd - be separated from that of Krishnan and Marshall's along with the two Malaysian companies involved, Astro All Asia Network Plc and Maxis Communications Berhad, to avoid further delays.

Last month Amanah Youth lamented the authorities' failure to follow up with India's call for assistance.

The CBI on Sunday registered a case against former telecom minister Dayanidhi Maran, his brother and Sun TV managing director Kalanithi Maran, Malaysian billionaire and promoter of Maxis Communications T Ananda Krishnan and senior executive of Maxis Ralph Marshal, besides three companies - Sun Direct TV, Maxis Communications and Astro All Asia.
The CBI case, which triggered raids on Monday at various places in Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad, alleges that Maran received kickbacks from Malaysia-based Maxis immediately after it bought Aircel for $800 million. Aircel promoter C Sivasankaran has told the investigation agency that he was coerced by the Maran brothers to sell the telecom company to Maxis.
"Maran, as the then telecom minister, favoured Maxis group in the takeover of Aircel and in return investments were made by Maxis through Astro Network in Sun Direct TV owned by the Maran family," a CBI officer said.
Besides drawing in a second telecom minister — A Raja is already in Tihar jail as an accused in the 2G case — into the widening investigations into spectrum allocations, the CBI case is also the first one in the scam in which foreigners have been named as accused.
CBI found that "former Aircel chief C Sivasankaran was coerced by Dayanidhi Maran to the extent that he finally sold off his company to Maxis". A source said, "Just before the deal was struck, T Ananda Krishnan had come to India several times and had meetings with Dayanidhi Maran at his office, and once the company was sold by Sivasankaran, Maxis was given licences following which Maxis bought shares worth Rs 547 crore in Sun Direct at premium rates, despite company (Sun) not having such kind of market reputation at that time."
Officials said they would formally question Dayanidhi Maran and other accused persons in the coming days but refused to comment on their arrest.
After registering the case, the agency conducted raids at nine places on Monday including the Delhi and Chennai residences of Dayanidhi Maran, Kalanithi's residence in Chennai, as well as Sun Direct's offices in Delhi and Chennai. Reports also said the residence of Apollo Hospital's Suneetha Reddy, who was questioned in the past by CBI, too was raided. CBI officials said they had gathered documents that would further bolster their case.
CBI has charged the Maran brothers, Ralph Marshall and T Anand Krishnan and three companies under section 120 B of IPC (criminal conspiracy) read with 13(2) with 13 (1)(d) and also section 7 and 12 of the Prevention of Corruption Act, CBI spokesperson Dharini Mishra said.
To book Maran and others, CBI banked on the complaint given by Sivasankaran, which had alleged that "Maran had deliberately delayed his requests for licences and had forced him to sell the company" as well as on documents from Registrar of Companies, RBI and Department of Telecom. The CBI alleged, "By giving 2G licences to Maxis instead of Aircel, the expansion of company in telecom sector was throttled as Maxis was not much interested in telecom business in India."
A senior CBI officer said, "Sun Direct TV was not in a position at that time (in 2007) that any company would look for a lucrative investment in it like Maxis did by investing Rs 547 crore. Also, till the time Sivasankaran owned Aircel, his files were not moved by Maran, but as soon as Maxis bought Aircel, the process of 2G licences gathered pace." CBI said it had direct evidence that files of Sivasankaran were deliberately delayed.
Maxis Communications has 74% share in Aircel while 26% is owned by Sindya Securities and Investments, according to Aircel's web site. Reddy family of Apollo Hospitals is said to be stakeholders and promoters of Sindya Securities and Investments, sources said. Apollo Hospitals in a statement had earlier said, "Apollo Hospitals group and its chairman Dr Prathap C Reddy do not have any investment in Aircel or any other telecom company."
CBI has questioned Marshall, Reddy and Maran brothers but Ananda Krishnan needs to be questioned, CBI sources said. CBI will now ask Maxis to send details about the deal from Malaysia and LRs would also be sent there.

A special 2G court on Saturday issued open warrants of arrest against Malaysian nationals T Ananda Krishnan and Augustus Ralph Marshall, who are accused in Aircel-Maxis deal case along with former Telecom Minister Dayanidhi Maran and his brother Kalanithi.
Special Judge OP Saini also ordered that the trial against Maran brothers and two accused companies be segregated from that of those based in Malaysia — Krishnan, Marshall, and two firms, Astro All Asia Network PLC and Maxis Communication Berhad — saying their appearance may take long time leading to a delay in proceedings.
"It is ordered that the trial of the appearing accused, that is, Dayanidhi Maran, Kalanithi Maran, M/s Sun Direct TV Pvt Ltd and M/s South Asia Entertainment Holdings Ltd be segregated from the trial of accused Ralph Marshall, T Ananda Krishnan, M/s Astro All Asia Network Plc and M/s Maxis Communications Berhad...
"Miscellaneous file be opened relating these four accused, who are yet to be served. It is further ordered that an open and perpetual warrant of arrest be issued against Marshall and Krishnan," the court said.
The court's order came on CBI's plea which had on August one sought issuance of arrest warrants against both the foreign nationals, stating that the summons issued to them could not be served.
The CBI had filed the charge sheet against the eight accused for offences punishable under section 120-B (criminal conspiracy) of the IPC and under relevant provisions of the Prevention of Corruption Act.

MCA claimants to national power is provide and rule to suppress the Malays

The UMNO formula for Chinese is rooted in colonial legacy: divide and rule. The DAP approach has been shaped by rage at umno: avoid and rule. All Chinese want from both claimants to national power is provide and rule; not because they are Chinese but because they think they are Superior than the malays.After getting a spanking from Nazri, like a chastised child the MCA central committee member claims, "Now that the ultra-Malays who destroyed Tunku Abdul Rahman's Alliance are out of BN and in Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu), BN leadership must seize this opportunity to navigate BN to its rightful 1Malaysia course or the spirit of the Alliance’s founding years of Tunku Abdul Rahman," which is again horse manure disguised as a mea culpa...This kept both clerics and community poor, but the atmospherics were rich in tokenism. A normal relationship with Malay voters would have kept the balance of debate along jobs and revival. This bargain with the extreme suited UMNO perfectly. There were not too many jobs on offer in the first phase of our development. The upper class got the chunk of the initial bite; the second surge went to 'middle' who had mobilized under different banners but displayed common economic purpose. The Chinese got false promises and high drama from MCA, hyped with high-voltage simulation of a "Hindu backlash" . Such a backlash never came because it never existed. But fear was the electoral key: if Chinese and the Hindus could be driven into a polling booth on the basis of fear, why waste jobs on them?

Najib and Rosie2
BN is not playing the ‘jaguh kampung’, Umno is in a ‘fight to the death’ struggle with Najib refuseniks and is attempting to keep their rural voting bases safe from the clutches of a newly revitalised Malay power group. The reality is that the rural demographic in the peninsula and Umno’s vote banks in Sabah and Sarawak are holding BN together, and this is because of Umno and not because of BN.

The reality is that, unofficially, Umno has given up on urban voters and it is the responsibility of MCA to shore up support and make the case for Umno and not BN.the MCA operative is aware that there are many Umno-elected officials who do not support Najib but are only interested in their political survival that translates to Umno’s survival.

UMNO squeezed into space created by the psychological bounce of a traumatic history. After dramatic initial resistance to British colonialism,Malay elites bought into separatism with a vengeance, particularly when they realized that the tactics of division could perpetuate their privileges within a slice of geography. , UMNO capitulated intellectually and tweaked the slogan, after 1957, from division to isolation. It concluded that the quickest route to the  Malay vote was through accommodation with the extreme rather than dialogue with the MCA after 1957  became the fashionable ideology of the landed gentry and middle class When the Chinese left for Malaya the vacancy was filled by suddenly empowered clerics who, unsurprisingly, stressed faith over economics.

Every election registers some flicker of change on the barometer. In the Congress case, the chicken came before the egg and produced a farmful of votes. With the UMNO, the egg must come before the chicken. This egg has to be fertilized in the mind. In this important therefore that the most significant statement of the campaign so far was Najib's remark that the only religion of a politician must be the Constitution of Malaysia. This may be only the opening line of a chapter yet to be written, but it is already a huge variant on conventional perception. The themes of that chapter must be employment, education and political equity, for they are the true antidote to any community's impoverisation.The spat between the MCA’s Ti Lian Ker and Umno’s Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz is not about the disparity of power between the component parties of BN but rather the continuing existential crisis of the MCA that it has been unable to overcome since losing the support of the Chinese community.

Whereas the MIC has accepted its role as the water boy to Umno, MCA desperately attempts relevance in a turbulent time of ‘Melayu’ political upheaval.

There has always been a disparity of power within BN. However, parity of power was never the currency between the MCA plutocrats and Umno potentates who shaped the national agenda and serviced the gravy train that enabled this country to remain in relative functionality for decades.

These schemers were aided by a polity willing to subscribe to the so-called social contract, as long as the people could pursue their economic agendas and live in relative harmony.

A guide to S Thayaparan roadside politics:Sacred cows

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S Thayaparan politics: found economist Lim Mah Hui’s reply in the Letters section to the posturing of Chris Lee timely and indicative of the abysmal state of oppositional discourse in this country. I would just like to publically state that I am supportive of Lim and indeed hold him and his colleagues, some who I count as close friends, in the highest regard.Chris Lee’s “Where are you when the real battles are being fought?” attack on Lim seems to be the only way some opposition folks can retaliate when unable to come up with convincing counter arguments. We know where Lim was and while I was not exactly playing into the hands of BN, I was serving the instruments of political power which I guess to people like Chris and most probably many oppositions supporters, made me a running dog.Of course, folks like Chris seem to forget that it was the majority of Malaysians who voted in Barisan National and sustained the Umno hegemon for decades and poured scorn on the opposition whose rhetoric was vastly different from the kool aid they are dispensing these days.also readthisTitiwangsa MP Datuk Johari says Racist Rant DAP’s Lim Guan Eng why UMNO? Straight Talk, Walk the Talk and win our trust?

“Hindus are cowards and Muslims bullies,” the Mahatma Gandhi once famously said. And this seems to be fairly true: today at the least sign of trouble, Hindus stay home, shy from confrontation, or outright run away. We indeed witnessed how the 4,00,000 Hindus of Kashmir, who had done no crime, except being Hindus, fled the Valley of Kashmir under terror, without firing a single shot in self-defence, losing all their ancestral homes and lands and becoming refugees in their own country.

”Buttgate” And Michelle Obama Will Not Be Happy At All Several instances of sexual harassment recently reported by the media — some in retrospect, one immediate and alarming — gave readers fodder for genuine concern as well as salacious gossip I find allegations of sexual harassment in retrospect quite unbelievable! When three lady lawyers claimed as…Why is genius Obama more prone to womanising?

”Buttgate” And Michelle Obama Will Not Be Happy At All Several instances of sexual harassment recently reported by the media — some in retrospect, one immediate and alarming — gave readers fodder for genuine concern as well as salacious gossip I find allegations of sexual harassment in retrospect quite unbelievable! When three lady lawyers claimed as…

“The rules and reasons the political system employs to enforce status relations of any kind, including racial hierarchy, evolve and change as they are challenged.”
In yet another shocking case of cow vigilantism, two men were thrashed by a group of goons outside a madrassa in west Delhi’s Prem Nagar. The victims were transporting the remains of buffaloes slaughtered for Eid when they were dragged out of a tempo and hit with iron rods. While four of the accused were detained by the police, it’s clear that the fear of law no longer serves as an effective deterrent for these self-proclaimed cow protectors.

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Plot thickens great indian kamasutra Mohammad Yunus who fathered sanjay  Mohammad Yunus who cried the most when Sanjay died who fathered sanjay ? Mohammad Yunus? We’ve often heard “you have to kiss some frogs before you find your handsome prince”. But it seems that women today are not interested in plunging into holy matrimony even…read the fullstoryPlot thickens great indian kamasutra Mohammad Yunus who fathered sanjay
The incident also makes clear the fact that an atmosphere has been created wherein the mere suspicion of cow slaughter is enough to trigger an attack by gau-rakshaks. In fact, the nature of the meat in question is actually irrelevant. The victims of the Delhi attack were transporting buffalo remains. Yet, because they were Muslims their attackers assumed that they were transporting beef.
It is also possible that beef was just a pretext and that personal enmity was the real reason behind the attack. But that’s precisely the point – an atmosphere that is conducive for beef rumours will inevitably be exploited by anti-social elements to settle personal scores. And if such a situation is allowed to continue, it could lead to dangerous consequences for the entire country.
For it’s clear that primarily Muslims and Dalits have been at the receiving end of this beef hysteria. While Dalits are bound to assess this in terms of a caste war, Muslims will perceive it in terms of religious persecution. This opens up the possibility of these two groups being poached by extremist outfits. Only today a report published in The Times of India revealed that India was the fourth worst-affected country by terrorism in 2015. Of 791 terror attacks in the country, 43% were carried out by Maoists.
Add to this Islamist terror groups such as Islamic State and Al Qaida In the Indian Subcontinent trying to expand their operations in India. And should these extremist groups find communities disgruntled with the Indian state and government, it would make it easier for them to achieve their dastardly objectives. In other words, the beef hysteria presents a serious security challenge for the country. It creates a narrative of oppression that can feed radicalism. We have already seen this in the Kashmir Valley. But the fire could spread far and wide across the country.
Prime Minister Narendra has already condemned gau-rakshaks for indulging in vigilantism in the garb of cow protection. However, his message doesn’t seem to have deterred these self-styled cow protectors from attacking people they accuse of dealing in beef or cow carcasses. And the Delhi incident shows that such vigilantism has now reached the national capital. These are warning signs that government would do well to heed and effect a course correction. The word must go out that such vigilantism will not be tolerated at any cost. Otherwise, the beef hysteria is a ticking time bomb that can lead to large-scale social turmoil, derailing growth and development.